Album Review: Hopsin – Knock Madness



“After Hopsin rap he put a suit on and finish filling out job applications” – My friend Alvin.

The poor man’s Slim Shady, a.k.a Papoose 2.0 is at it again. After his last album, Raw, sold about 150 copies, Hop is determined to beat his record. When Funk Volume artist, Dizzy Wright, tweeted the Knock Madness release date, my reaction was, “Wow! I can’t wait to not hear it…” As you can see, I’m not a fan of Hopsin. He’s not a bad rapper, I just find him to be an unbearably corny, diss-happy, cheap imitation of Slim Shady. I’m not just gonna review artists I’m a fan of, so fuck it, I’m giving my UNBIASED opinion after carefully analyzing Knock Madness. Here we go:

This shit was whack….

Rating: Whack

Dude said he was gonna drop a better album than his idol, Eminem, this year. Oh how wrong…

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